23 December, 2023

Beyond Benchmarks: Navigating Innovation, Pricing and Customer Value

The problem with mimicking benchmarks is that it inevitably leads to a uniformity that hinders differentiation. Innovation involves more than just replicating benchmarks, it goes beyond adopting the latest technological trends merely for the sake of maintaining relevance.

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23 June, 2023

Organisational Design and The Case for Sustainability Objectives

What drives most companies? Profits. Organisations often downplay the importance of profitability by emphasising concepts like culture. Well, except for WeWork, but they're the exception to the rule.

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23 April, 2023

The State of Design, Today

The term describing the phenomenon of giving shape to hypothetical possibilities that solve problems, is a term that is a lot more complex in its nature. If your work involves designing digital artefacts, you're likely to come across the nuances of the industry.

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